history1958 : John Pelekis carrying goods in Greece with his first small truck.

1972 : He has managed to make a name and its services nationwide, and buying the first private refrigerator ctruck extends its activities with transport and other major destination in Greece with the largest cities in Germany. The professionalism that distinguishes him, and reliability of service makes him widely known in the market and enables them to make even one step.

1980: He founded the company J.PELEKIS AE after 22 years of presence of Mr. JOHN PELEKIS in the transport. In possession of two cold-owned cars and officially founded the company, recruiting permanent staff and decided to expand and make known the name of the Company of the larger countries of Europe.Shipments of complete and partial loads, the Company undertakes no longer runs to and from Greece, gaining a growing clientele from all over Europe. The results for the Company are positive, and as demand for its services should be increased purchase of additional vehicles.

1991 : Purchase private parking / storage car, who also serves as a forum technical inspection of vehicles and temporary storage of goods.
1998 : The success of the company is now undeniable, but the owners did not rely on it. Always aiming to serve customers and improve services, the Company is proceeding with the purchase of land 17,000 square meters in area of Aspropyrgos, a great investment that aims to create ultra-modern facilities to house storage freezer, offices, parking and vehicle inspection.
2010 : Building / construction of new installations, with direct access to Attiki Odos, and consists of office / storage spaces goods / workshop & laundry truck cars / parking car.


The Company is currently the most acclaimed Pan-European and has one of the largest privately owned fleet of trucks and refrigerated, ready to carry any load under the most demanding conditions in more remote areas of Europe. In addition to new installations of anergersi can offer complete solutions, in terms of transport / storage / distribution of goods.